Georgy Fomenko, Мarina Fomenko
Yaroslavl: Scientific and Research Design Institute “Cadastre”, 2016. 313 pages.

Scientific papers


Andrey Tatarinov, Georgy Fomenko, Marina Fomenko
Published: Voprosy statistiki. 2018. № 25(3). 68-78.
Georgy Fomenko
Published: Vestnik the Scientific and Methodological Council in Environmental Engineering and Water Managemen. 2018. №12. 148-154.

Georgy Fomenko, Marina Fomenko
Published: Voprosy Geografii. (2017). № 143 Geographical Bases of the Management of Protected Areas, 171-191.
Publications in mass media


Interview with Georgy Fomenko
Town News. 2015. No.19, p. 14.

Interview with Georgy Fomenko
Prime-Sphere. 2013. September-October, pp.8-10.

Plenary paper of Georgy Fomenko at the VI All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference with International Participation “Development and Implementation of Environmental Policy at the Regional Level”
Plenary papers. Interviews. Resolution. Yaroslavl: Publishing house of the Pastukhov Academy, 2013, pp.24-29.

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