Accounting and Assessment of Ecosystem Services of Novokuznetsk Coal-Mining Area (Kemerovo Oblast)

Georgy Fomenko, MarinaFomenko, Konstantin Loshadkin, Anastasya Mikhailova

Published: Proceedings of the RAS. Geographical series. 2019. №3. pp. 88-97.

Development of territories with excessive mineral resource use is traditionally based on income from mining and mineral resources processing. At the same time, their ecosystems are an important source of human well-being as they produce many ecosystem services. Reaching a  compromise between two sources of territory development – abiotic services (coal mining) and ecosystem services – is one of the major objectives of sustainable development of the regions with excessive mineral resource use. This article assesses and compares ecosystem and abiotic services in the coal-mining area in Kemerovo oblast in monetary and physical terms. The results of economic evaluation of ecosystem and abiotic services are considered to be a  key element in efficiency assessment of spatial organization of environmental management concerning sustainable development of the territory.

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