Breaking Loose from the Trap of Catch-Up Development

Interview with Georgy Fomenko
Prime-Sphere. 2008. March-April. pp.20-21.

In the early 21st century, it has become obvious that economic growth can be achieved only where modern innovation is considered an important development factor. In industrially developed countries, 80-95% of GDP growth is achieved due to new knowledge that is used in engineering, technology, production organization, increasing the education level of the population in general. For instance, in 1998-2001 investments in the knowledge sector in economically developed countries, including such leaders as Sweden, Japan, and US, increased from USD 416 billion to USD 533 billion. In Russia, creation of innovation-driven economy is declared as a strategic area of the country’s development at the highest level of the Government. Georgy Fomenko, Academician of the RANS, Doctor of Geographical Sciences, gives his opinion on these topics.

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