21st Century is the Time of Cities. Special, Convenient for People

Interview with Georgy Fomenko
Prime-Sphere. 2007. October-November. pp.38-39

This summer, for the first time in history, the UN declared that the global urban population exceeded the global rural population. This is a milestone event and the 21st century can be called the century of dynamically developing cities. Yaroslavl that is included in the UNESCO List of World Heritage Sites as a cultural and historical monument is looking for its “place under the Sun” in the new, rapidly changing world. Hence, the time has come to distinguish, visibly and saliently, the “singularity of whole expression” of the city’s face, which makes it unique and distinct from other cities. “Only special cities that possess charisma have a future in the new century,” argues Georgy Fomenko, General Director of “Cadastеr” Institute, Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Academician of the RANS, on the pages of Prime-Sphere magazine.

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