The Priorities of Modern Remote Areas

Interview with Georgy Fomenko
Prime-Sphere. 2005. February-March, pp. 26-27.

For more than ten years, the Yaroslavl Inter-Regional State Scientific and Production Enterprise of Cadasters of Natural Resources of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia has conducted scientific research and projects aimed at expanding innovative and investment activities in the sector of natural resource use and environmental protection. Specialists of SPE “Cadastre” develop and implement environmental and economic reporting systems, and perform economic assessments of natural resources. One of the key areas of activity of “Cadastre” is territorial environmental planning that becomes increasingly important due to the reforming local self-regulation and budget processes in the country (program-oriented and goal-oriented approach will be used as a basis for allocation of budgetary funds, including those for environmental purposes, and control of expenditure). The experience of “Cadastre” in interaction with the Gavrilov-Yamskoi municipal district is very useful. This is what the Prime-Sphere correspondent talked about with General Director of SPE “Cadastre”, Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Georgy Fomenko.

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