Professor, Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Academician of the RANS (Russian Academy of Natural Sciences)

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Georgy Fomenko's research is devoted to increasing resilence of territories, corporations and enterprises in the context of high climatic, environmental and social risks. The approach is based on the concept of human-dominated ecosystems, whica are managed to achieve the sustainable development goals, preserving and increasing the sustainability capital and the value of ecosystem services.

In his work Georgy Fomenko promotes ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) investments principles, which are used to involve businesses in solving urgent environmental, social and economic problems. The author has developed methodology of Sustainable Ecosystem Design (SED) which is implemented in regional planning and design.

The research results are reflected in the scientific researches, plans and design projects of the Group of Companies "Institute for Sustainable Innovations".
Group of Companies
Institute for Sustainable Innovation
The group offers consulting and designing services, conducts researches based on inventions of Georgy Fomenko. They contribute to improving sustainability of businesses in uncertain environment, increasing resilience of communities, regions and countries in the face of worsening environmental and climate risks.
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